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Fully furnished houses for students and young professionals in Santiago
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Find Your Place is a housing platform for exchange students in Santiago, Chile. We offer completely furnished, ready-to-move-in apartments to share with other students from around the world. Our places are perfectly located near bus and subway stations, bars and restaurants. TV and Internet Wi-Fi connection are included, so that you can have a pleasant experience in your new city.



  1. Can I change my room for another one if for some reason I do not feel comfortable? That just depends on the availability of other rooms. If they are all full, there is no option to change.
  2. Who can rent a room at FindYourPlace? Exchange students from around the world who come to Santiago for a semester or a year to study.
  3. Which services are provided by FindYourPlace? Fully furnished and ready-to-move-in bedrooms for students. Bills are included in the monthly payment. Cleaning and maintenance are included.
  4. What are the rights and duties of the tenant? The services provided by FindYourPlace, such as electricity, internet, private room, etc are the rights of the tenant. The duties of the tenant are clearly detailed in the lease.
  6. Who will be my roommates? Students who come to Santiago for an exchange. Once the house is complete, we will send you an email with general information about all the rommates.
  7. Can I smoke inside the apartment/house? No. Our locations are smoke-free, but you can do it on the terrace, balcony or patio if the house/apartment has one.
  8. Where are our houses/apartments located? In strategic locations of the city. Near metro stations, bars and restaurants.
  9. Can I share my room with a friend? No. It is forbidden to share a room with people who are not tenants (boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family members, etc.).
  11. How do I pay the rent each month? Payment must be made from our website through Paypal. By entering your user code you will see the month(s) that you have paid and the ones you still have to pay.
  12. ┬┐How is the rental payment? Rental must be paid before day 20th of the previous month. Last two months of the contract must be paid together. Payments must be done before: March: March 1st April: March 20th May: April 20th June and July: May 20th August: August 1st September: August 20th October: September 20th November and December: October 20th
  13. What is included in the monthly payment? Room, furniture, water, electricity, internet, gas, netflix, cleaning and maintenance are included in the bill.
  14. Can I pay in another way than online? Yes, In case of problems with your Paypal account, we also accept bank transfers and cash payments.
  16. Can I rent a room in another way than online? Yes. Contact us by email and we can manage the reservation at [email protected]
  17. How long does the lease last? 5 or 10 months depending on whether the tenant wants to stay 1 or 2 semesters.
  18. Which are the lease periods? You can rent for one or two periods. From August 1 to December 31 (first period) and March 1 to July 31 (second period).
  19. Is it necessary to pay a security deposit in order to rent a room? Yes. It is absolutely necessary to pay this item to rent a room.